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When the College Preparatory Office was established in September 1986. Library was a unit of the Office of Academic Affairs, located in the gymnasium. Then, it became an independent administrative unit and moved to the basement of the Teaching Building in September 1989. It covered an area of 1202 square meters, including 160 seats and offered the reference, circulation, information retrieval, periodicals, books, microfiche data, and audio-visual media services. Under both of the support of the Ministry of Education and the long-term development plan of university, we launched a project to build a new library in August 2009. The library was moved to the new building in April 12, 2013 and had a glorious official opening in June 15, 2013. The new library is going to be a silver rated green building certificating the spirit of energy saving to reduce maintenance costs, extending the campus landscape, protecting the ecological environment to achieve the goal of environmental sustainability. The building spans 5 floors and 9,647 square meters. Library space mainly on the second floor to the fourth floor can accommodate 400 readers and at least 400 thousand collections. The new library is not only for the research purpose but a leisure and social place to meet the needs of faculty and students to enhance the whole power of the campus.

General Policies

The Library is a place for study and research. It is the responsibility of all users to maintain a quiet, serene and clean environment in the library. All library users are obliged to follow the codes of behavior listed below:

- The Library collections are to be maintained in good condition. All users are requested to treat Library materials carefully. Full replacement cost will be charged if damage is incurred.

- Food, beverages and smoking are strictly prohibited in the Library.

- Silence should always be observed in the Library. Mobile phones and pagers should be switched off while in the Library.
Service Hours
Mon ~ Fri 8:50 am – 10:00 pm
Public Holidays
Sat 09:00 am – 5:00 pm
During the epidemic prevention period 

Summer and Winter Vacations

Mon ~ Fri 8:50 am – 4: 50 pm

Sat & Sun